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Some people may see a hassle but I see growth and opportunities. #Topeka #DowntownRevitalization #SupportLocal

Spring Break sneak peek #2!

Spring break sneak peek!

@KansasDiscovery enjoyed hosting the Art of #Branding presentation with @VisitTopeka #topeka

Fore! Today in #Science History!

Today in 1971, #Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard hit two golf balls while on the moon. Shepard attached a 6-iron golf club to the end of a sample collecting tool. The first landed in a nearby crater. The second was hit squarely, and in the one-sixth gravity of the moon, Shepard said it traveled “miles and miles & miles.”
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Beyond Earth Stephen Di Donato

"After recently finding old science fiction magazines dating back from the 1980’s, it reignited my childhood memories of my curiosity of our solar system and of limitless imagination. I began researching heavily on NASA missions and came to the realization that the late 1950’s to mid-1970’s were exciting times for new discoveries, for real photographic images of planets and for limitless possibilities. This gave me the incentive to start a personal project named Beyond Earth."

Out of this world.

Woohoo 100 posts!

Woohoo 100 posts!

Today in #Science History!

Today in #Science History!

Happy Birthday Benjamin Franklin

Today in #Science History: In 1909, British explorer Ernest Shackleton found the magnetic south pole. #southpole

Serious Fun! Friday (11AM & 2PM)
Today for Serious Fun! Friday children experimented with DENSITY.   We will be exploring density for both for Serious Fun! Fridays & S.T.E.A.M Saturdays until Jan 25.

Density (Jan 10 - Jan 25): Learn why some liquids just won’t mix together with this fun & colorful experiment.

Today in Science History: Jan 2nd

Today in Science History: Dec 26
In 1982, The Man of the Year in Time magazine was a non-human for the first time. A computer received the honour as 1982’s “greatest influence for good or evil.” The article recognized that, “By itself, the personal computer is a machine with formidable capabilities for tabulating, modeling or recording. Those capabilities can be multiplied almost indefinitely by plugging it into a network of other computers. This is generally done by attaching a desk-top model to a telephone line. One can then dial an electronic data base, which not only provides all manner of information but also collects and transmits messages: electronic mail.”